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The college has alumni association but it is not registered.  It supports the college in the following ways;

  • Installing endowments.
  • Supporting seminars by providing cash assistance.
  • Extending support in organizing NSS special camps.
  • Instituting prizes to deserving students.
  • Sharing their career experience as guests.
  • Participating during special programs
  • The college has a good network and collaboration with alumni through ‘Alumni Association’.  Data-bases of alumnus are maintained and they are invited to participate in important events of the institution.
  • Alumnus visits the college and shares their experiences.
  • On certain occasions, alumnus also sponsors/contributes to meet certain expenses connected with organizing events (viz, seminars, workshop, NSS special camps, competitions)Valuable suggestions and guidance is also solicited from former faculty members of the college.  The college maintains a strong networking and collaborate with them.
  • Retired faculty members are invited to college seminars, fests, annual day celebrations etc.

Entrepreneurial meet 

Alumni's who are entrepreneurs sharing their experience with students

Entrepreneurial meet